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Here are some of the quick answers we can give you relating to Galaxy Fruit and its brands, when they are available and why they are so awesome!

The different varieties of Galaxy Fruit are harvested across many months. FOr specific details, read more on our About Page

All three brands in the Galaxy Fruit family have Flavour out of this world, each is sweet and juicy and has unique characteristics. Great for snacking on-the-go. Read more about them on our About Page

The Saturn Peach is uniquely shaped, which means they can crack. So we pick them super gently. 

Galaxy Fruit is grown at Cutri Fruit in Swan Hill and Wood Wood (25km north of Swan Hill).

Saturn Peach is a unique variety of Flat Peach, meaning it looks like it has grown more outwards than upwards. This is a natural feature of the variety and ensures maximum peach flesh for you to enjoy! 

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