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Galaxy Fruit provides delicious Australian Stonefruit to families across Australia and the world. We believe inspiring young minds that there is a universe of fun to explore, packed full of new flavours to try.

Galaxy Fruit aims to inspire the next generation to aim for the stars and to savour the fun in life.


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Saturn Peach

Saturn Peaches are a delicious juicy flat peach, super sweet, with superior smooth texture. High in Vitamin C, A, E, & K.

Pluto Plum

Unique in colour and flavour, Pluto Plums are crisp and sweet. They are a great source of vitamin C & A, Potassium and Fibre.

Sunstar Plum

Crunchy, juicy, and bursting with flavour. Sunstar plums are incredibly sweet, and rich in vitamins and potassium.


Exclusive Overseas
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Galaxy Fruit comes in fun interactive packaging that you can colouring and project onto your bedroom wall!

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